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The land of many cities, where empires war, and dark magic lures the brave to the desert heart...


Long ago, in the time of the Nameless Kingdom, a great civilization of mystics ruled our realm. They created enormous wonders, but their pursuit of arcane powers unleashed great evil upon the world, and their civilization was lost, leaving only THE SCAR: a dark, upside-down world ripped five hundred miles across Fortunata’s center.

The Scar is treacherous, filled with monsters roaming a dangerous geography of confounding logic — a glacier pouring into a volcano, floating castles, buildings sticking out of cliffsides, and a network of cracked canyons spilling into an upside-down world from which there is no return.

An unholy crater of improbability.

Now, a great game is played among the Four Empires surrounding Fortunata, each vying for control of the treasures and objects of power sleeping in the crater. Looting the Scar is the path to fortune... or a meeting with death, madness, or worse.

This realm is the refuge of heretics and renegades — a world where the bold can wrest power from the very landscape: ancient treasure... forbidden magic... lost relics.

Fortunata World Pass Text Logo



Who will you be? A wily Scout? An Element-wielding Mystic: perhaps a Monk, perhaps a Mage? A quick-fingered Rogue? Or a Warrior with a blood feud on his hands?


The call of the Scar is undeniable, for in its center lies the Broken Heart: the remains of that earlier civilization whose magical recklessness broke the world. If you can brave the threat of dehydration, starvation, exhaustion, and all manner of monsters — not to mention madness — and reach the Broken Heart, you must navigate the perilous city ruins, which are riddled with traps and haunted by horrors both living and dead.

Still, the rewards are too great to resist: lost relics, powerful secrets, and treasure beyond one’s wildest dreams... if you can only survive long enough to enjoy them.

Whichever call you heed, keep a sharp eye and a cool head, lest you find yourself caught up in a Hussar blood feud... or pickpocketed by a member of the Thieves Guild... or angering the Children of Cansuyara, the mysterious cult controlling the flow of water in Fortunata... or running afoul of the Dark Ring, a secret magic court determined to hunt down all mystics...

If you are bold — or suitably foolhardy — the Merry Mausoleum is the place to start.

Have some ale, meet your fellow adventurers, and keep an ear out for the call of a Quest...