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Your World Pass grants you access to our private, VIP Discord, where you’ll be transported into the brand new fantasy world of Fortunata, for an epic D&D experience unlike any other. World Pass is your ticket to an open world adventure led by world class GMs, with no stress scheduling and an exciting virtual rewards system.

Create your own, personalized adventurer, starting from one of 12 fully customizable classes. Your stories grow and expand with your adventures, impacting the development of a living, breathing world. Once your character has been created, you’ll take the Silver Road to the city of Iron Gate, home to adventurers in search of fame, glory, or fortune. This will be your hometown, a safe haven for socializing, upgrading your character, refilling supplies, and organizing your next adventure.

The Quest Board offers missions beyond the Iron walls and into the great unknown: filled with danger, but promise of grand rewards. Sign up with friends you know, or those you’ve yet to meet - we’ll do all the matchmaking - for live D&D as often as you want, hosted by professional GMs and live entertainers. This fun and exciting collaborative storytelling experience will be hosted over Discord voice (video optional), and usually last 3-4 hours per session.

Explore unknown lands, fight monsters, win loot, and earn Shards, a rare currency in Fortunata. Shards can unlock Treasure Chests that contain the spoils of our realm - rare items and augments that make your character’s adventure more rewarding and fun.
World Pass is extremely accessible for beginners. Our staff and GMs have prepared a best in class tutorial experience that makes getting started a breeze. If you’ve always wondered about D&D, but never had a group to play, World Pass is the perfect entry point for you.
We’ve designed this first World Pass to last 8 weeks, similar to a battle pass in a live service game like VALORANT. Owners who have earned enough Shards by the end of 8 weeks will receive the next version of the World Pass for free.

This is a private beta, so things may change as we all learn what works best through playtesting and customer feedback. We’re well capitalized with funding from top tier investors, and have designed Fortunata with a few core goals in mind:

•Adding a MMORPG feel on top of the world’s most popular roleplaying game mechanics
•Connect individuals/smaller parties that are LFG
•Ability to craft your character into a piece of living, evolving history — the next version of Runeterra
In West Marches campaigns, large pools of players interplay asynchronously in the same world, with the same overall goal. Players start in a Hometown: a safe haven for meeting new friends, upgrading their character, creating new characters, refilling supplies, selling/buying items, and organizing their next adventure. Surrounding the Hometown is the great unknown, filled with danger but promise of grand rewards. Here’s a legendary Reddit post with more information.
We’ll be using the D&D Beyond mobile/desktop app. Additional management and data tracking will be handled by our staff of founders, game devs, and RPG fanatics. Along the way, we’ll be talking to World Pass owners daily, as we explore building web 3 native tools that people want.
You can sign up for as few or as many sessions as you want. Sessions usually run 3-4 hours, and for an optimal experience, we recommend playing once every 1 or 2 weeks. Outside of sessions, you’re welcome to roleplay in character and discuss upcoming adventures 24/7 with other World Pass holders, and the larger Heroic Story community of creators, gamers, and RPG fans.
Game sessions will be organized on Discord. D&D Beyond will be used to track your character. Everything else is theater of the mind or a mainstream VTT, and information will be provided by your GMs.
You can use Shards to make purchases at the Merchant—treasure chests, items, augments, gems, and consumables for use in the game.
Fortunata is an original sword and sorcery world inspired by the medieval Silk Road. It was created by our co-founders, M Harold Page (a Scottish swordsman and novelist), and two friends and screenwriters whose last big gig was writing a blockbuster movie for Marvel. Many contributions to the setting have been made regularly thanks to the Heroic Story community, our public Discord server of over 15k worldbuilders. More information on the setting can be found here: [link to World page]
We’re building the next version of Runeterra — a community-created, community-owned, AAA fantasy franchise. The World Pass is our first step in opening a place in Fortunata for everyone, by providing an immersive, online roleplaying experience led by professional GMs. Check out our launch blog post to learn more about what we’ve been building, and where we’re headed.

What is Fortunata World Pass?

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Fortunata, an original sword and sorcery realm inspired by the medieval Silk Road, is a brand new IP created by Heroic Story. The project started as a decentralized storytelling experiment, evolved into a shared world D&D campaign, and culminated in the Book of Lore, Fortunata World Pass, and Dice of Good Fortune collectibles.

World Pass was a free NFT that grants access to a private collector community on Discord, and a shared world D&D campaign that ran for several months. Only 1049 exist. The World Pass originally launched as ERC-1155, and later upgraded to ERC-721 with unique traits.

What are Dice of Good Fortune?

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Dice of Good Fortune are sets of collectible dice, initially airdropped to Fortunata World Pass holders. They were used in the Bonfire upgrade event to interact with Fortunata and influence upgraded traits.

What is Bonfire and what are its benefits?

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Bonfire was a virtual event exclusively for Fortunata World Pass holders who possessed the initial ERC-1155 version. During this event, holders could choose to burn and upgrade their Passes and Dice of Good Fortune.

What’s Fortunata?

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Fortunata is an original sword and sorcery realm inspired by the medieval Silk Road.

More information on the setting can be found in the Book of Lore.

What’s the roadmap for Fortunata?

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Our work with NFTs was part of a grand attempt to create a web3 enabled tabletop RPG platform. After a long journey exploring the potential for smart contracts to help writers, artists, and dungeon masters, the team was unable to find a sustainable path forward and paused the project.

Fortunata lives on as an original realm, and the project's creators remain hopeful for its future.